Advancing student success

in West Contra Costa public schools
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Foundation News

Annual Gratitude Grants event celebrates hundreds of public school teachers on Richmond waterfront

Our Focus Areas

Effective, equity-focused leadership

Research shows that with effective site-level and systems leadership, schools and districts can sustainably improve student academic success.

High-quality curriculum and instruction

Every young person deserves the opportunity to engage in classrooms that are academically vibrant, rigorous, and culturally inclusive.

Student-centered public education ecosystem

We believe a thriving public education ecosystem must center student academic needs and wellbeing to ensure continued improvement.

What we're discussing now...


Who We Are


Our foundation team includes experienced educators with a diverse range of professional K-12 experiences that inform our approach to local public school grant making and program support.

Who We're For

Our foundation’s support focuses on three key groups in the local education ecosystem.


Through our Instructional Leadership Community of Practice and our annual Gratitude Grants, public school educators access resources, peer learning networks, curriculum materials and more.


We support the annual West Contra Costa Education Fair, EnrollWCC, and parent organizing and advocacy through grants to variety of local nonprofit organizations.


Our grants and support for community-based nonprofit organizations extend our impact and sustain a network of providers dedicated to the success of local youth.