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Talented and compassionate educators unlock student success. Chamberlin Education Foundation provides direct support to West Contra Costa teachers, instructional coaches, principals and school leaders.
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Instructional Leadership Community of Practice

Our foundation supports a cohort of WCCUSD principals and their teaching teams to adopt research-backed teaching practices, support each other’s professional development, and build a peer learning network to deliver standards-aligned, culturally responsive and sustaining instruction for West Contra Costa students.
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Gratitude Grants

Our annual Gratitude Grants program awards individual $300 grants directly to K-12 public school teachers in West Contra Costa.

To date, our team has provided over 6,200 Gratitude Grants totaling over $1.5 million to help teachers purchase classroom supplies, curriculum enhancements, and materials that support student learning and success.


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Educator Preparation

Alder and Teach For America
Recruiting talented educators enables our local public schools to propel students toward ambitious learning goals. Through support for Alder Graduate School of Education and Teach For America, CEF provides opportunities for new teachers to gain the skills and experience necessary for classroom success.